Stay ahead of the curve with B2B eCommerce

Bevo Shelves provides an easy and economical way of connecting with distributors internationally. Any time, from any location. With wholesale trade moving online, it’s time to adapt to a leaner-than-ever way to thrive with B2B sales. 

The benefits of B2B ecommerce for Aussie craft beverages

B2B ecommerce is a more effective and simpler way to catalyse the results you would see from traditional sales methods. Connect with liquor distributors all over the world with a minimal investment of resources and have your craft beverages sold in regions like Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK.

Showcase your products

Create a digital storefront on our platform and get your products seen by international beverage distributors.

Reach new beverage markets

Grow your product on an international level. Explore new sales opportunities with our access to wholesale buyers from markets all over the world.

Work smarter, not harder

Let international distributors find you. What once required a mammoth investment of research, talent, and resources to tap into one international market, is now a streamlined marketplace to connect with buyers globally.

Ready to grow your business?

Be one of the first to shape the future of the global beverage industry. Bevo Shelves is Australia’s first online B2B marketplace specially designed to empower independent craft beverage producers to export and sell globally.

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