How to Add a New Simple Product

How to Add a New Simple Product

You need to add your products which you want to sell on Bevo Shelves. You have the option to add them one by one or many at one time with our bulk import tool. This lesson will show you how to add them one at a time.

Go to the products menu 

in your dashboard and click “add new” in the top right corner.


At any time, you can save a draft by clicking the “draft” button at the bottom of the screen. You can then come back and finish editing your product at a later time. Remember to save your work regularly in case you have a problem.

Write the title of the product and the price. Remember to write the full title and be as descriptive as you can.

If you sell many products which are similar, you should try to find what is different about them. For example, a t-shirt has a few things which are different – size, colour, design and fit. So you should include these in your title.

Some examples of good titles might include:

  • Large Men’s T-Shirt with Floral Design in Yellow
  • Small Boy’s T-Shirt with Car Design in Blue
  • Extra Large (XL) Men’s T-Shirt – Plain Design – Many Colours Available

Enter the price. You can put the full price and then the discounted price.


You can also schedule the sale price. If you wanted the sale price to be displayed for a specific period of time, you can click the “schedule” link and then enter the dates you want the sale price to show. Outside of these dates, the normal price will show.

There are two descriptions on your product listing. The first is a short description which appears near the price at the top of the listing and the second is a long description.

The Short Description

The short description should only be a couple of short sentences with maybe some bullet points. This description should outline the main selling points of your product. It should make the person want to read more.

Do not include any photos or very long descriptions here.

The Long Description

Here, you should explain everything you know about your product. You can also use images if you have them. Good images to include here might be product detail documents or adverts for your product.

You can use the icons to format your text, add bullet points and more.

Resize all images to be no more than 1200px wide.

You can upload your photos and images using the section at the top right of the page. For good SEO, you should make sure that you write a title and alt tag.

Upload as many images as you want. Make sure that you resize all images to be no more than 1200px wide.

To add more images you can click the “+” icon. To remove one, you can click the “x” icon.

Choose the best category which fits your product. Please note, that you can’t add your own categories. If you want to add a new category, you should contact the Bevo Shelves support team, who will consider it.

Check the box of the category you require. You can choose more than one category. Remember – your product will be checked by our support team so only choose categories which are suitable for your product.

If you choose unsuitable categories, your product will not be published.

Tags are more specific to your product. You can start writing tags which describe about your product, separate tags with a comma. You can also select other popular tags which are displayed under the tags box. Click the ones you need.

Tags are what customers use to search for products, so only use tags which describe your product. Don’t use too many tags and don’t use irrelevant tags.

You can select whether you want your product to be visible in your shop, the search results, both or hidden. For best exposure, select “Shop and Search Results”.

You should now have completed the first section.


At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the inventory settings. You need to create an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and manage your stock.

SKU – This is a unique code which identifies this product. This could be a product number, barcode or something else. In our example, we will use:


Which means – Solar Garden Light – 6watt – Lotus Light 1


If you have an unlimited supply of your product, you can leave manage stock unchecked. However, be careful. If you sell a product on and you don’t have it in stock, you risk being suspending from our website.

Trust is important to us, therefore, if you’re selling a product, you must have it in stock.

The good news is that you can use Bevoshelves to manage your stock. Select the box to manage your stock, then write the quantity that you have in stock. For every one you sell on Bevoshelves, it will reduce the stock quantity by one.

Backorders allow you to sell your products to customers even when it isn’t in stock. They can order one. Remember, you still need to send your product within 3 working days, so if you don’t keep your stock refreshed, then you shouldn’t allow stock orders.

It’s important that you keep your stock correct because if you don’t fulfill your orders, we will remove your store from our website.

If you only want to allow one sale of a product per order then you can click the “sold individually” button. If not, leave it unchecked.

You need to enter the weight, dimensions, shipping class and processing time for this product.

  • Weight – Must be in kg, only write numbers.
  • Dimensions – Must be in cm, only write numbers.
  • Shipping class – select the class appropriate for the location of your store.
  • Processing time – select the time you need to process this order. Remember, the shorter the time is better for your customers.

You can add as many or as few attributes as you like. The attributes here will be listed under the “additional information” tab on your product page.

Basically, an upsell is a product which you recommend instead of the product the customer is looking to buy. For example, if they look to buy an iPhone 9, you can try to sell them an iPhone X instead.

A cross-sell are products which you can promote to sell in addition to what you are currently selling. For example, you could also promote a phone case or a charger to go with a phone.

You can select multiple upsells and cross-sells. It’s important that you only select products which are genuine upsells and cross-sells as it will increase your sales rates. If you mention random products here, you won’t sell so many and we may suspend your account.

Enter your one main keyword for the product and write your description. This descriptions should be between 120 and 160 characters.

Here, you can disable reviews for this product. It’s recommended that you keep reviews turned on so customers can see real reviews about your product.

You can also add the “Purchase Note” which will be shown in the email to the customer after they have purchased your product.

You can preview the product listing and see what it will look like on the website.

When you have finished adding everything above, then click the “submit for review” button Bevoshelves will review your product before putting it live.

After we approve your product, it will be live on our website.

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