How to Add a New Variable Product

In Bevoshelves, you can create a product that has multiple variations like size, colours, etc. This specific product type will allow you to set different prices for each variation with the stock amount and different images/descriptions.

Create A Product

At first, you need to navigate to your vendor Dashboard > Products menu –

Now, click on the Add new button and insert basic details for your product, and hit the “Create Product” button.

You will redirect to the Product Edit page where you will get more options to insert for the product.

Selecting Product Type

As you are looking to upload a variable product so, from the Product Type section, you have to select “Variable” –

After selecting Variable a new section “Attribute & Variation” will appear on the bottom of the product edit page.

To upload a variable product, you have to get three things ready –

1. Attribute
2. Attribute-Value & Saving attribute
3. Create variation with all of your attributes

Step 1 >

You need to select an attribute from the existing attribute or you can create your own attribute by selecting “Custom Attribute” from the dropdown –

If you select custom Attribute then you can insert the Attribute Name and Value. Like as Pallet (Attribute Name) and the value would be 1 Pallet, 2 Pallet, 3 Pallet –

After adding the Name and Values, do not forget to check both Checkboxes which states –

● Visible on the product page
● Used for variations

Now, click on the “Save Attribute” button to save all of your attributes. You can create multiple attributes as per your needs.

Now, to create new variations of your product from the provided value, select Create variations from all attributes. You can also create single variables according to your requirements by selecting Add variation option. After choosing your option, click on the Go button and it will generate possible variations from your attributes automatically.

If you select Create variations from all attributes then it will create variations with all of your available attributes.

Editing your attributes & insert price/images. You can easily edit the variation by just clicking on the arrow of each variation that contains ID like #7462 –

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