How to add a staff Member

On Bevo shelves, each vendor can also add their own staff with limited permission for managing their store/product etc. It will reduce the pressure of a vendor to manage their store and orders.

How to add a staff member

From the vendor dashboard, you need to click on the “ Staff ” menu –

Now, click on Add New Staff button to add your staff –

After that you need to insert First Name, Email, Phone number then click on the Create Staff button –

Now, after creating the staff, he/she will get an email with the reset password link and to join on the website.

Manage Permission

You can manage permission for the staff you are adding. Which menu they will see and what will be their capabilities. To set permission visit the Staff list and click on the Manage permission option –

Then, it will show you the page with permission option for Products, Review, Tickets etc –

From the permission page you can set permission for all of the option of a vendor dashboard like as – Product upload/edit permission, Menu of the vendor dashboard, Coupon and Withdraw management.

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