How to create a Zoom meeting

At Bevo Shelves, we allow the vendor to create their own Zoom Meeting link for the customer. So that they can have a meeting with the potential customer when necessary, the customer can request a meeting through a contact form too.

Creating a Zoom meeting

You have to navigate to your vendor Dashboard > Zoom menu. Now, click on the Add New Meeting button –

After clicking on the above-mentioned button, it will ask you to insert meeting details –

Title: Insert your meeting title

Host: Host is static set by the marketplace owner

Meeting Type: Select your meeting type

Start Time: You have to insert a time/date to start a meeting

Time Zone: Set your meeting time zone on this option

Duration: You can pick a duration for the meeting.

These are the main fields that are required to insert and then there are more options like Password for the meeting, If you want to force the camera of the user or not etc.

After inserting all the details, you have to click on the Publish button and visit the Meeting list page –

You can easily Start meeting when you are ready, and also after the meeting is created, the created meeting can be then attached to a product. The below screenshot shows how the Zoom option will be shown on the frontend product edit screen.

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