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Everything you need to know about exporting to Japan

According to a survey conducted in Japan in June 2020, most respondents drank beer because it tastes good. While the taste was one of the leading reasons for beer consumption in Japan, only around five per cent was influenced by manufacturers’ advertisements.

In the top right corner, you have your notifications panel. Here, you can see aobut your new sales, enquiries, notices from Bevoshelves.com and edit your personal profile. There are 5 icons:

  • Notifications
  • Customer Enquiries
  • Bevo Shelves Notice Board
  • Knowledgebase (Academy)
  • Profile

At the top of the dashboard, you can see the statistics for sales, earnings and orders. You can see the amounts or you can see a graph of all your sales by date.

You can also see summaries of your important statistics including the number of visitors to your store, your most popular products, recent notifications, recent enquiries and other vital information.

On the left side, you can see the menu which helps you manage your online store. Here you will see different sections. Below is a summary of each section. We will explain each section in more detail on other pages.

  • Home – This brings you to your main dashboard screen, as described above.
  • Articles – Publish details about your products and services. You can write articles to help you sell your goods. You can write about instructions, how to use your products, why use them, etc.
  • Media – See all the images you’ve uploaded.
  • Products – View all your products for sale and add new products.
  • Orders – See all your orders both past and present.
  • Coupons – See all the coupons for your products. Give discounts and special offers to encourage more sales.
  • Customers – see a list of all your customers, what they bought and how much they spend.
  • Staff – Manage your team who can work in your store.
  • Analytics – See who has visited your store over the last day, week, month or year.
  • Settings – Edit your store settings including the logo, banner, opening hours, vacation mode and more.
  • Payments – See your payment history from Bevoshelves.com
  • Followers – See who is following your store.
  • Reports – See graphs of your sales, earnings, payments, refunds, orders, shipping costs and more.
  • Support – See all the customer support requests from your customers.
  • Ledger Book – See all your earnings in one place.
  • Review – See the latest reviews for your store. You can’t edit reviews. These are only editable by the Bevo Shelves team.