Get your craft beverages in front of distributors with tools optimised for B2B sales

Reach a world of wholesale buyers globally with a suite of tools to help you get your craft beverage products seen and sold everywhere. Our platform features make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business internationally.

Sell your craft beverages worldwide with Bevo Shelves

From marketing to prospecting to shipping, take advantage of these tools and services to help you expand your B2B sales online.


Create a digital identity that showcases your brand and lets your product be the hero. No design or coding required.

Shipping and exporting

We guide you through preparing your shipments for distribution overseas so you can focus on fulfilling orders.

Bevo Shelves Escrow

Receive large or complex wholesale payments securely with our third-party escrow agent.

Monthly advertising & lead generation

Boost your visibility with product showcase opportunities, keyword advertising, and promotions throughout the Bevo Shelves website.

Bevo Shelves Academy

Make confident decisions by leveraging insights into beverage consumption trends around the world. Stay informed about new consumer opportunities globally so you can anticipate their needs.

Customer analytics & tools

Understand your buyers with data to learn what behaviours they have on your storefront, and what countries they are shopping from.

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Check out the latest articles from our blog