Tailored support to guide you through your business

We want to amplify local craft beverage suppliers to be seen globally. Bevo Shelves is the first online B2B marketplace specially designed to help you succeed across international beverage markets.

Simplify your processes with a suite of support to help you succeed

Take advantage of the tools and services that give you the freedom to focus on what you’re good at – creating an outstanding product! Bevo Shelves provides you:

  • A reliable escrow service to process larger or complex payments safely.
  • Dedicated logistics support to guide you through preparing your products for overseas export.
  • Full access to the Bevo Shelves Academy where you can leverage insights into beverage consumption behaviours in various regions around the world.

Get started with personalised onboarding

New sellers on Bevo Shelves can enjoy a 60- to 90-minute onboarding session with a Bevo Shelves team member to help you jumpstart your sales as a Bevo Shelves seller, even if you have zero experience in ecommerce. We guide you through launching your digital storefront, connecting your payment systems securely, and sharing with you the best practices to make the most out of this platform.

Ready to grow your business?

Join a network of Australia’s best range of craft beverage goods and connect with and sell to beverage distributors all around the world.

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