Store Description & Details

Store Description & Details

On the Store settings page below where you add the logo and banners, you will have the opportunity to write a description about your store and edit general settings about your online store at

You can change your store name, slug, email and phone.

Please note that you should not change your name or slug very often as this will negatively affect your SEO.

You can change your contact email and telephone number here. Make sure that these are always correct as this is how we will contact you.

The description will be displayed under the About page on your online store, it’s the opportunity to tell your customers about who you are and what you do.

You can add photos, change the font style, and edit the layout of the text. You should write as much as possible here.

Write you full address here. Although the address will not be publicly available on we will use this address to calculate your shipping costs. We will also use this address to review your application. In some instances, our staff will visit your physical store, so you should make sure that this address is correct.

Here, you can choose whether your store name position will be on the banner or at the header.

You can also choose how many products you want to display on each page. The default is set to 10 products

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