Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode

If you need to go away and temporarily stop selling your products online for a short time, you can turn on Vacation Mode.

Vacation mode allows you to either stop selling immediately or you can select dates where you stop selling.

Note that if you fulfil any orders you receive on Bevoshelves, you will be removed from our platform. If you take a vacation, it’s very important that you stop selling during this period to avoid any penalties.

To turn on this feature, go to your store settings and then select vacation mode in the menu.

Check the box to enable vacation mode and disable purchases during vacation.

Select either “Instantly Close” or “Date wise close”.

If you select this option, your store will be closed immediately, it will only be open again when you turn off vacation mode.

If you select this option, your store will only be closed between these two dates. After the “upto” date has passed, your store will reopen. This option is good if you take regular holidays.

Write your message to your customers here. For example, “Sorry, we are closed for the New Year Holiday, we will be back soon”.

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