Thank you for joining Bevo Shelves™

Besides what is visible on the site, all your information is completely confidential.

1. Users

Provide us with the names and email addresses of those in your business who you want to have access to your ‘Shop’ on the platform.

2. Business info

Provide us with the full name of your company, address and phone number.

3. Pricing

Provide us with the pricing of your products, excluding excise and GST. Ideally price for a sample box and a pallet.

4. Store image

Provide us with the high-resolution logo, product images and a banner for your store. The images can be shared through Onedrive or Google drive and every size is acceptable.

5. Company history

Provide us with a brief of the brand history and the values for your store 'About us' window. Or we can simply take this from your website if you want to keep it the same.

6. Store T&C's.

Let us know any specific Terms & Conditions of Sale you wish to include.

7. Payment

Pay Pal, Stripe and bank account

8. Exclusivity

Our sales team must know with whom you have exclusive arrangements to ensure they do not disturb any relationship.

Got a question? feel free to reach out 🙂

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